Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentines Day Hearts

        It's almost Valentines Day so crochet hearts are the order of the day!

               I really wanted to make a c2c heart  square  as the heart emoji

  in the blanket I'm working on so I found this heart graph with written instructions.

  Although the finished products looks exactly like my heart I had a terrible time with

   the written instructions for the heart.

I have made several c2c blankets with stripes but struggled with following graphs.

As I followed the written instructions my heart was out of shape, I frogged several

times, spending a couple nights on the heart until I figured out the written

 instructions were coming out backwards for me  from row 13 to row 21.

 Even though this was frustrating it helped me learn how to properly read graphs. 

Heart graph2

So I made the heart graph over again and rewrote the instructions so that they

 match up with the back and forth that worked for me. I hope that this

 is helpful to my readers that want to make a lovely Valentine heart. 

Written Instructions for c2c graph Heart

1:  1W
2:  2W
3:  3W
4:  4W
5:  5W
6:  6W
7:  7W
8: 8W
9: 9W
10:  2W, 6R, 2W
11: 2W, 6R, 3W
12: 3W, 7R,  2W
13. 2W,7R,4W
14. 4W,8R,2W
15. 3W,7R,5W
Decrease begins
16. 4W,8R,2W
17. 2W,7R,4W
18. 3W,7R,2W
19. 4W,4R,3W
20. 2W,5R,3W
21. 3W,4R,2W
22. 2W,4R,2W
23. 2W,3R,2W
24: 2W, 2R, 2W
25: 5W
26: 4W
27: 3W
28: 2W
29:  1W

The handwritten arrows show the direction that I was going for each written row.

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